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Steroids D decatest

Can not recommend Decatest enough, they are always helpful advise if a product you require is not in stock and offer a realistic alternative. If I message them I always receive a reply with half hour to hour tops. As soon as placed order received payment details and once paid received my order next day delivery. Products always arrive in plain discrete packaging and are always on time and secure. As  I say highly recommend them, I have been ordering from them regularly since April 2018.

I have Kallmann Syndrome so I need hormone replacement therapy so I use HCG in the form of either Ovidac or Ovigil 5000IU. The products are of high quality, always sealed and have a long expiry date. I split the 5000iu vial into 5 x 1000IU doses and this is fine for me, I get the same blood test results as when I used to take Pregnyl 5000IU on the NHS. No side effects and can not comment on its results for pct or body building as I said earlier I use it for HRT.
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