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Steroids D decatest

I buyed SIS Testosteron Depot and Tamoxifen serveral times from decatest.

Always had a quick reply on my mails. Good customer service.

My gear always arrived within 1 week so its very fast .

The test depot was great i made some serious gainz with very low side effects.

I will order again thats for sure :)

I made a cycle of 4 month with 300mg every 4 days .
It took around 3-4 weeks for me to start feeling something.

First effect i had some water retention 2,5 kg . from week 5 on i was stronger and i start having better recovery and i could make some longer gym sessions with better pumps.
from now on i feelt stronger every week. and i was my bench was 20 kg more and so on i could lift more in every single exrercise . I was trying to eat clean most of time.

So my results after the 4 months . I was from 86kg to 97 kg .
My form was better. muscles where very full .

now after my pct 2 month later all fine . I have now 93.5 Kg my form is still much better everything growth.
in the first 2 weeks of my pct i lost 3 kg think this was only water . from there my strengt goes down but not too much still can bench 12,5 kg more than before .

So iam happy with this result and will do another cycle soon
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