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Ordered from this source a few months back. All went smooth, shipping and quality was excellent. Couple days after collecting funds they sent me a tracking number and was able to follow shipment right to doorstep. Decided to order again since all was good. However this time after they collected funds never got a shipped email or tracking number. Waited a week and contacted them and was told that USPS had not sent tracking info and it had shipped even without them updating to being shipped. Told me they would send tracking soon. Waited another week asked about tracking, was told it was a that they had not updated their shipping numbers yet and that it was scheduled to be delivered on aug 13. Did not come Aug 13,14 so maybe today is the day. Emailed yesterday, They did in fact offer me a 100$ credit on next order.. 

Update-Source has been in communication since mix up. reshipped package

and sent tracking with it this time. Scheduled to be here the 28th. If all is good in package will consider ordering again. Hopefully all is good and can use my credit on next order and all goes well.  Will update when package arrives.

..Order arrived on 28th of August. All products were there and firmly secured. Communication theu out this hiccup was excellent. Was afraid of getting scammed but the guys explained the holdup and delivered. I understand with international shipping cones hangups so since communication was always there and products came I will order again for sure. Thanks again guys foe coming thru.............................::................................:::::::::::::

First order was Dragon Pharma Test 250 E. Injections were very smooth and PIP at all in any shots. Will definitely stick with Dragon brands......................................Felt drive go up within week and half. Strength was very good. Added to 30lbs to Bench and 8 lbs on body weight.
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