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can not praise this company enough they always deliver or reship if lost or taken by customs 

The quality of all the products I have tried has been spot on. but this is a review of my latest deca order/cycle. I have been running 400mg pw deca with 700mg test e pw. I gained a lot of mass with my last cycle while bulking but found it made me a lot stronger but more sluggish in gym. So I did a cut using the deca at 300mg pw test e at 375mg pw. To help against muscle/strength loss during cut. It has helped to protect against muscle loss but strength still dropped about 10-15% after losing about 16 lbs (some strength loss to be expected) so it did a good job. I suffered next to no sides due to keeping doses sensible last blood work came back high testosterone levels all others kidney/liver etc all good.

so over all from (personal experience) I highly recommend this company but please be patient post can be delayed a number of weeks some times. due to customs checks\public holidays etc but they will make sure you get your products.
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