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My wife and I have used these products for a long time now. Highly recommend Iron Daddy.

These products have helped me reach my physique goals immensly. I started with a mild cycle of dianabol, Test E, and Winny back in 2012. With this cycle I saw dramatic strenght increases and muscle mass increases as this was my very first cycle. As time progressed and I got bigger I started running higher doses to get more strenght and muscle mass increases. Then I changed my cycle up and added Deca to the Test E, and Dianobol. During cutting I ran Test E, with Primobolan, Winny and Clen and saw a dramatic loss in body fat in a very short time frame. The only side effects I ever notices was when I ran Dragon Pharma products and I got really bad acne. I think this may be due to the fact they put apricot seed oil in their gear. I do get a little anxiety when running clen and ephedra but thats more due to the caloric restrictions during my cutting phases then the products itself. As of right now, I'm bulking up to super heavy weight and am looking forward to using their products again. Their quality is phenomenal. I usually stick to just Kalpa Phamaceutials products but recommend iron daddy to get any of your gear. Its more of a personal preference then anything else. I have used dragon pharma products too when Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is out of stock.
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