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This is a overdue review for my order with Musclebond Alpha-pharma Nandrorapid that I ordered and ran a cycle of in about 4 months ago in June. As always, their communication was great, shipping was secure and firmly wrapped, and just the same with all my other orders, they shipled amazingly fast to the states from the UK.


I dosed the nandrorapid at 400-500 mg week pinning every other day at 133mg-167mg. I ran it for 6 weeks.
My previous order for nandrorapid had some clumped/crashed vials. Thus
Musclebond offered me a discount when I purchased some more. This was NOT Free which you can't review rather
they gave me a discount and I covered the majority of the order cost.
Unfortunately, this was a dissapointment. I am used to the effecrs of nandrolone Phenylpropionate - increased strength, leaning out/hardening effect, moderate increase in lean mass.
These effects I ususlly feel/see within the first week to 10 days and by the second or third week.
Yet - I felt only very modest effects in this regard. Strength stayed the same. The big lifts - squats, push press, bench press and snatch grip deadlifts I ended using the same weight as I had before I started, unable to increase the weight throughout my six weeks without form regressing or reps being noticeably lower. Maybe a slight leaning out effect
but not like Im used to. No side effects and I typically get "bacne" on my back when I take NPP. Mood the same, and no prolactin issues, bitch tits or water retention. I started at 199 with 9.1% bodyfat. After 6 weeks I saw very minimal increased muscle mass ending at 200 body fat at 8.9%. Thus a very small increase in lean body mass of 1.3lb and an even lesser lowering of fat mass of 0.3lb. This might be due to the product being not at but near expiration.
So while results with nandrorapid were dissapointing, my overall experience with mudclebond, their products, and service have been great. Thus, while I can't recommend this product, I certainly recommend Musclebond.
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