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Steroids M musclebond

As a loyal MB customer my review is long overdue!
I've ordered multiple times within the last two years and have always been very happy!

The communication is always very fast and he replies to everything.

T/A was extemely fast within the EU. Only 5 days from order till I received everything. Packaging is always good and tight.

I've been on Pharmacom Mix 3 for about 8 weeks now. It's strong as hell. 1ml e4d is more than enough. But be careful with the PIP. You have to dilute it with at least 1ml of another oil. Otherwise it's just too much to handle. The codes checked out on the Pharmacom site, so they're as legit as everything else I received.

Also on Pharmacom Test and Tren since a few weeks, too and I really like both. Not as thick as Mix 3, so injecting is a lot easier and PIP way less.

My favorite EU source. I'll never ever order international again.
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