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Steroids M musclebond

Another order with MB and as happy as always!

Communication is always on point and he replies within a few hours. Customer service is also the best around. Issues have always been solved, even when it was out of his hands!

T/A is insane (EU). Only 4 days from order till I received everything. Packaging was good and tight. Nothing got damaged and I have no concern ordering fragile products (HGH, amps..).

One of the best EU sources around. Can only recommend shopping here and NOT risk ordering international.

The test is what you'd expect from a high quality source and lab. I run it at 700mg/week. Mood is good, dick is hard and strenght is there. Water retention is not as bad as I expected and I only fairly need asin for E2.

The 3 Tren mix is the first tren mix I used and I have to say I'm surprised! Insomnia is not as bad as on Tren a or e! I also only pin eod and sides are still not comparable to tren e. I guess blood levels are pretty stable. I do sweat a lot and am more agressive, also a lot stronger than just on test. I run the tren currently at only 350mg/week and am very pleased. No need to go up to 700mg like with other products to feel anything.
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