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Steroids M musclebond

The reason I always come back is, that there never is and never has been any BS around MB. No lost packages, no ignoring of emails etc. He's the only source I don't have "that feeling" when I order.

T/A is still the best around (EU). Only 4 days from order till I received everything.

The t3 really improved my metabolism. I used pharmagrade t4 before but now made the change, since the tren supresses your thyroid gland and t4 simply didn't cut it anymore. At 25mcg I can feel a lot more than on 100mcg t4. Slow and steady fat loss, but no muscle lost.
The PC tren always does it's job. Tren cough every now and then, trensomnia, night sweats.. but incredible strength gains and an awesome look.
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