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First of all, the shipping time has been light-speed. By far the fastest for this kind of web/products so far. The stealth has not been the best in the world but good enough, i haven't had any problem in customs or whatever. This is a totally recommended place if you are in a hurry, for sure.

Customer service is also good. They answer pretty fast and they make the payment process quite easy for a guy who doesn't want to get involved in bitcoins like me. 

To sum up, not the cheapest place out there but by far the best if you look for speed and good custome care. In my opinion it is worth it by far.

I ordered test 400mg/ml and tren, being the tren a mix of ace and enanthate. Gear works, guaranteed. PIP was nonexistent, while i had PIP with the same gear from other sources, so i guess gear is legit and also pretty good quality.

Tren kicked in pretty fast, but built up within the days, so the mix was also real. Testo made me incredible good sexual life at only 200mg/per week. I felt it more than when i injected 250mg per week in the past from other sources.

Injecting, oil was never painful or felt to "dense". Overall, very happy.

Noticed a little gyno but took a bit of aromasin (also bought from them) and worked great. Take care guys, there is a lot of fake aromasin out there and this can fuck you much more than receiving bunk gear.

As all of you can imagine, strengh from tren was incredible. At what i consider a moderate dose of 450 per week, sterngh went through the roof. As it happens whit the test, i felt it more than other times i dosed a bit more (500 pero week) from other sources.

Overall opinion is that i will certainly repeat with the web and the products, specially now that i know everything is legit, apart from not being underdosed. Because as i told, if gear is underdosed…. Ok, it’s a bummer, but if your ai or pct is bunk… you are fucked. Dont take any risks trying to save up a couple of bucks, is not worth it i can guarantee you.
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