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Steroids M musclebond

Long time customer. So happy this guy is still around. First class support and he really cares about his clients.

Reliability is the single most important value in this business. And he has it.



I've inspected the packaging of the products carefully as there's lots of fakes out there. Using an UV light you can see the security labels from the pharmacy. As always everything I bought from MB is legit. I'm so glad I changed to pharma grade gear. It's a lot more effective. Although pretty pricey.
Strength went up, although I was on the same dosages as before. Speaks for this stuffs quality. High libido, lot of sweating, gaining water weight.. what you would expect from test and deca. Although deca dick is not uncommon, I never get it as long as my E2 is in check. So keep an eye out for that.
Very happy with the results. Surprisingly I didn't get as watery and puffy on the pharma deca as I used to before. But this could be related to my diet. Will order again. I really hope he stocks up on pharma gear since everything is out of stock.
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