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Steroids M musclebond

All in all, fantastic source would recommend to anybody really good prices, and fantastic customer service. This is the only place I trust as they have provided every time!

The product came promptly in discrete packaging. The quality of the clen was what I expected. I started my cycle and started with 20mcg for the first two days and incremented by 20Mcg every two to three days until I reached 200Mcg by the end of the first two weeks. I was off for two weeks then back on for another two weeks and I repeated this for about 3 months.

The effects:
Good weight loss
pretty good vascularity
Appetite suppression
Faster Metabolism
Increased strength (due to the stimulant nature of the product)

Heart Palpatations(>100Mcg)
Increased blood pressure(~100Mcg)
That's about it however everyone reacts differently
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