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Steroids M musclebond

Ordered for the first time but it looks like a good source. They are helpful and reply to the emails fast.

Site is easy to navigate, they ship fast.

I will order again in future as this purchase was successful and pleasurable. I would recommend them to everyone.

I've ordered sopharma clenbuterol x2.
I used it for two weeks on, two weeks off then finally two weeks on.
Dosing started at 20mcg for one day, then 40mcg for three days, and increased by 20 every 3 days for those two weeks. Finished at 120mcg on day 14.
Sides were bearable, cramps and shaking. Partially fixed by drinking enough water and just ignoring them.
Quality is good without question as it's pharma grade clen.
Lost quite a bit of weight, it suppressed my appetite and made me a bit more energetic.
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