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Amazing service and unbelievable delivery speed from Musclebond, Review for Pharma Stan 50 from Pharmacom Labs and Test E 300 from Onyx pharma

As a first cycle, I can't really compare the products with other options, but i've been taking 500mg Test E per week ( divided in 2 applications) and 100mg Stan every other day and I could notice already in the end of the first week the first "kick".
I was coming back from a lower back injury, which kept me slow for a couple of months, and in the end of the second week I felt almost on the same level as before. I had to change my training in the middle so i can't compare the whole weight evolution, but I went from 85Kg 21%bf to 83 under 15%bf on a 2500kcal diet (around 300Kcal deficit). I suppose with a little more dedication and discipline my gains would've been amazing.
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