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Steroids M musclebond

I am an regular client of the site and a couple of months ago i made an order again. As always, delivery has been super speedy which for me, is crucial sometimes. Also the treatment and response via email has been great, nothing new here.

A totally professional site which i clearly recommend, as is the only one i use since i discovered them. Never received such a fast and professional treat, so clearly not worth it to try another sketchy places in order to save a couple of euros. 

I felt the first effects of tren ace in about 7-8, a bit o trensomnia an sudorations. Pin was never and issue, so i guess gear was on check. After the second week the strength and vascularity gains went through the roof.
By far the best cycle i have done so far, and i'm only on week 8. gains have been awesome. Also is the first time i use tren so i can't compare to other tren cycles, but i am and experienced user and have tried a lot of compounds before. None of them have give me this results.

Even friends and close people start to asking what i am taking, lol.

I dosed it at 50 per day at the beginning and 75 nowadays, i can handle the sides pretty well but i strongly recommend not going up yto 75 per day, maybe 100 but no more for sure, at least for me. That being said i am nor big, so maybe for huge dudes is different and they can tolerate way more. My heigh is 5.7'' only.

I went from 180lbs at about 15% to 195lbs at 11-12% maybe. Winning weight and gaining lean muscle at the same time has only been posible in this cycle, with this sweet liquid called tren.
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