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Steroids M musclebond

another Big order from Musclebond and still my favorite on costumer service and addressing any issue and the quickest shipment 

the orders is HGH ansomone 100 IU ,Pharma Test P , Pharma NPP , Test p Elixir ,test P and c from smart , suphrma clen.


HGH ansomone 100 IU I started with 2 IU a day in the first week I felt so sluggish and sleepy all the time then when my body start to adopt to it I increase to 3 IU a day 5 days and one off it helpt in getting quick recovery gave me a grate results in controlling buddy fat with loose diet. I stopped after 200 IU because I start getting carpal tunnel syndrome .
,Pharma Test P , Pharma NPP , I used the test p and npp together every other day because of the short life I got great more lean and very low side affect because I am on clomid wile on cycle
Test p Elixir , this product I am not sure is it weak or the other ones I have are too strong but I was not impressed by it I cant say it was bad because i got the test side effect( acne , oily skin hair growth ) but I didnt feel it was kicking might have to try deterrent product from them to detriment
test P and c from smart , I can say this brand was as good as I get with pharma and belkan product I swich back and forth bteen them and the other good labs
suphrma clen its cheap and way great , one pill and I can feel the heat started it helped a lot blurring extra fat with the sweating I got from it the good thing it dose not give me bad mood like most of the cutting products.
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