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Fourth time I order something to musclebound and will not be the last one. 

Bored of trying sources that suddenly become shady or sources you can trust in some products but you can't in others, nowadays I don't even waste time in trying new sources. MB is trustable 100%, has been active for many years, I have always had good experiences with the products, shipping has always been fast... no doubt is my only place to go now, no head-breake.

Also payment is made really easy, it is normally a headache and with MB is easy as a pie. Also great staff, if you have any doubt the answer you well and quickly. 


Nothing to complain about.

I ordered tren ace (and test, as a base) and we all know what does tren to your body. if there is any compound that you can tell pretty fast if it is legit or not is tren because it hits you hard and in a few days. and oh dear it did. best cycle ever in my life so far, by far.

I did 10 weeks of tren at 75mg per day, then I continued just with test at 500mg per week and gains remained pretty well, better than what I expected. at least in my experience tren hasn't been so harsh in my body as in some cases I have read through the internet.

I gained quite a bit of muscle, but the best part is that I gained it remaining lean, or I would say that ending even leaner than in the beginning, which is awesome. I guess tren is the only miracle compound that can allow you to earn muscle and lost fat at the same time, as we all dream.

About roid-rage, I experienced none. I fact, due to being worried about it, I was more aware about my temperament and several people told me that I looked more relaxed and more prone to dialogue.

Anyways, even considering the little to none sides I have experienced, I would never advise running tren for very very long, because then It will be hard for your lipids, no doubts about it.
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