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After a great deal of searching, MB has proved not only to be a seriously quick vendor, but more than willing to help and offer advice.

Despite my dubious nature I found the consistent attitude and approach to be 100% backing their claims. The product I ordered is undoubtedly legit - with a 24 hour delivery service in the UK, MB are an outstanding vendor. I’ll be back for sure -

Don’t be put off by the out of stock products. There’s a mailing list, and you  can email and ask anything you like; MB is more than willing to help out with recommendations and information. 10/10

I am not out to build muscle mass like most folk that post (kudos to you all). I was after Ephidrine for weight loss. This was out of stock, however, and MB suggested Clenbuterol. I did my research and figured I’d give it a go. And let me tell you, after taking the first dose I can feel its effects within the hour. I’m no stranger to stimulants — Clen comes with a good mental clarity. I’m a short female, healthy weight but looking to ‘harden up’ my form. Aside from the shakes (expected with intial introduction of a stim) no nasties. I’ll be coming back to MB with 100% confidence that they’ll deliver the best product, service and in the fastest time achieveable! 
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