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I have now used MB for over 2 years across 4 cycles (2 cut and 2 bulk) and it has become my go-to source over this period. The ordering process is very efficient, each time my order has been shipped the day after it is placed and arrives within 1 day of shipping (within the UK).

I find it very helpful that orders can be paid through bank transfer (not a fan of money wires, bitcoin or other methods involving extra steps) and customer service has also been great whenever I have previously got delivery info wrong.

Products are very well priced for what you get, and I can verify they are high quality - bulks I usually retain 10kgs lean muscle and cuts so far have managed to add mass whilst droping bf. Have used a variety of injectibles from here (test, tren, deca) and all produced consistent results with very few sides and smooth pins. 

Have also used oral products as cycle kickstarters (tbol, dbol) and both led to great strength gains within the first few weeks of taking them. Other orals I've used from here (anavar, clen, proviron) have also been good quality and helped me lean out on cuts. 

Can verify that the pharma grade products I have used (clomid, nolva, aromasin, HCG) are legit and have helped manage AI and PCT. 

Overall a fantastic and very reputable source, I will continue to use them and would encourage others to do the same!
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