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Placed a couple of orders with this company - they exceeded all expectations.

Initially they responded to my emails in a very timely manner and their answers were both professional and polite.

The actual ordering process is quick and painless. The goods arrived the very next day. They were of course completely legitimate and were successfully authenticated on the manufacturers website.

In short, this was the easiest transaction of this kind that I've done and I will use them again, without doubt.


I used 1ml (100mg) EOD for the duration of the cycle.

There was zero pain and I did not have any side effects, luckily for me!

I had a gradual increase in strength and a moderate increase in muscle mass, whilst by the end of the cycle, my body fat had reduced noticeably.

The verification system was down for a couple of days but once it was up and running, I was able to verify all the products as legitimate.

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