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This review is for a purchase back in January this year.

It was a fantastic experience and after 3 months of use I have just finished running these specific products. To add a note here I was running several other products from another brands in this stack but each product purchased from muscle strong was shining in its quality and effectiveness and the characteristics were easily visible. I also received a free vial of pharoh labs test propionate with this order which i ran at the end and was specially impressed with. Starting with pharma grade, the caber and anastrozole worked wonderful. My prolactin and estrogen levels were totally under control. Didn't suffer any horrible sides. All i needed was half an mg of each twice a week. Anavar gave me some very good muscle hardness and vascularity. The pumps during workouts were sometimes unbearable. Strength was also highly appreciable.Test cypionate was smooth like butter. Zero pip. Super high strength and libido like monster hungry wild beast. I was running a bit high amount of test cypionate so the effects were stronger and there was some level of water retention. water retention didn't go out of control with top quality anastrozole. Now the pharoh labs test propionate. It was smooth too and i ran it for 2 weeks @ 500mg a week as i had only one vial. It was very strong. Sudden feel of more sex drive and huge spike in strength and aggression. Thanks god i hit PR on a few exercises towards the end.
Overall these products and these brands have proved to be working excellent. I am happy to have found this source especially from the UK in the Europe zone.
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