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This time i purchased Magnus pahrma boldenone and it was another positive experience with them.

Eq works for me when i am using high doses and this time i did over 1 gram a week. I have veins coming out in my forearms,biceps, shoulders, calf and thighs.My weight is going up very slow and i feel stronger. Appetite is not extremely intense but its like when i want to eat something and comes to my mind then i can eat a lot. But if i keep my mind out of the food desire, i don't have unbearable appetite so that's a very good thing. I am getting leaner too. Muscles are hard and big but not water and bulky when i use dianabol anadrol or high testosterone product. Acne is bad and my body gets oily very quickly. I have to take shower 2 to 3 times a day to avoid feeling uncomfortable with acne and oily skin.
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