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Ordered my first Test vials from Darius at Pharmacom after extensive research I felt they were best source to order from with me being UK based, they are located in xxxxxxx and have good security and set-up as you would expect from an xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lab. Paid via ... which went as smooth as you can with ..., payment confirmation/collection took about 3 days and then a full 7 days for delivery, I did receive email communication throughout tho so not unduly worried. Packaging was professional and secure but you could tell it was from overseas and even had return address! Overall a very good ordering experience and as well as being the source they are the lab as well and seem to have a good reputation.

I have a full log on-going under my profile so please refer to this for detailed review. Very impressed with product, as my first cycle I decided on 450mg EW first pin was a bit nervous but now it's second nature and never had any PIP issues, I pin in alternate quads and keep everything clean and sterilised. First few weeks and nothing much but by 3 weeks strength was up and being to get pumped, body composite has change with some definition and in a certain light I look half decent! I'm now in week 7 with 5 to go and feel amazing, I want to workout everyday and love the feeling in the gym. I have gain 10lbs so far and BF stable at 12% so clean gains although my appetite is through the roof. No major sides at all, some nipple sourness and the occasional spot.

Overall I'm very impressed and will be using Pharmacom Test for my base in future cycles, although I have sourced a UK based supplier who sells Pharma gear an delivery is quicker and payment via ....
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