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A long overdue review for PSL. These guys are awesome delivering quality products.

I just got off the best cycle I've ran to date and this cycle by far was my best lean cut cycle.
Test Cyp 600mg (1-12)
Test P 600mg (12-16)
Tren Ace 400mg (8-16)
NPP 600mg (9-16)
Winstrol 50-70mg (12-16)
My diet was in check for the most part. This stack took my gains to the next level. too much of acne and oily skin. High BP sometimes. There were no estrogen problems. A slight issue with prolactin levels but added prami and things got better. Amazing lubrication of joints from NPP, Made me lift with ease without joint issues. The tren.A is no joke. You got to be careful before you run high dosages. It made my physique vascular and much more appealing. The aggression in gym was insane. This stack changed my physique so much despite being a hard gainer.
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