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Supplier was professionell. Fast Answer on request/questions. Trackingnumber recieved but didnt worked well (not suppliers fault). I ordered some Test E and Sustanon from Dragonpharma and a lot of PCT. I recieved 2 Packages. There was no issues with the customs. 


I can recommend this supplier. But take care when u read product information. Some products are shipped from EU some of them from non-EU. In my case both Packages arrived complete and discret.

 edit: i asked Dragon Pharma because of this. The answer was short and not gentle. They told me their sustanon is a blend of Test E; Test C and Test P. So you have no cumulation effect from Test iso and Test deca. Its just like blend with a half-life of 5.5-6 days and test p with 2 days. So its bullshit to use them eod, or e5d. Remind this fr your pct when u use sustanon from Dragon Pharma. Your pct should begin 8-9 days after the last injection and not 21-24 days as u would do with real sustanon. Keep your hands of from dragon pharma if you have any interest in your health. Not trustful at all. Abusing the name "sustanon" for crap. 


Update 30.05.2018 got my second abcsess from sust e 350. After its my 8 cycle and i never had any abcsess before even with higher dosed susta per ml like susta 500mg/ml. 


Next Update i contact Roidbazaar and there were very kind and believed me the issues. They offered me another label. I took parapharma a tested batch and used for 4 injections yet. No problems all fine. This guys are awesome. Great support in chat and always kindly to the customers. Thank you Roidbazar

I used Test E 400 with Deca 300 from Pharmacom. Fast gains and increase in strength. Then i swtiched to Sustanon 350 from Dragon Pharma e3d. I used original sustanon and sustanon from pharmacom. I know how susta feels and i can tell you that Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350 is some kind of Testosteron but not the Sustanon blend. It feels wierd and different from other cycles and i think the dosage of 350 is not true.

PCT are all fine and original with package. There is no doubt.

So i can recommend the supplier but cant recomment dragon pharma at all. I just gave dragon pharma a shot because of the 30+30% promo but i would prefer to pay 10-15€ more for 10ml Vial and have legit sustanon. Supplier should think about his business with dragon pharma. Im totally dissappointed with sustanon blend (i think its not even sustanon).

It was my first and my last time i used dragon pharma.

After all i would use this supplier again, because of the great communication, relativly fast shipping and the PCT products. But i wont get blinded again by promos from this supplier. Be carefully with dragonpharma. I had my first abcsess with dragonpharma by the way. 3 Weeks no workout and a scar on the shoulder. I wont had any issues with pharmacom sustanon 500mg/ml. The pips are painfull and affect my workouts....please dont tell me that is usual on sustanon...i used sustanon in different dosages for 3 cycles im familiar with that blend. Im gonna throw away 3 x 10ml vials and as soon as i get my test E from other supplier. So i can run a decent cycle to the end.
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