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As always went through Roidbazaar again, this was the first time ive ever had any issues,  only because the suppliers i use were out. Not only did RB fix the issue but they also gave me some extras and some even higher grade products. I was absolutely amazed with how everything was rectified because im sure on both sides it was fustrating.  Thankyou for coming through as always especially since being down under it can be very hard for everyone concerned.  Roidbazaar as always came through with flying colours. I still wouldn't use anyone else

All the stealth products were camouflaged brilliantly again, the only thing is there isnt quite 10ml in each but how cheap the product is , well worth the buy. The stealth prop kills your leg but so does every other Test prop ive noticed, used it with the Stealth Enanthate and great combo, strength went up massively! Used the stealth masteron near the end and it definitely works but dries you out which is a common side, joints ached a bit so used alot of glucosamine and fish oil to counter. Ran the Dragon Pharma Primobolan through the end with the masteron also, felt mentally better using it but obviously couldn't tell much because ultimately you are meant to use it for at least 3-4 months, only side i noticed with the primo, masteron and prop all together was my hair thinning midly, so purchased some rogaine lol.. all in all, brilliant stuff , all Stealth, Magnus and Alpha products were great, and the way Roidbazaar fixed the issue we had was amazing and always thanks. Will always use and recommend RB and the crew. Regards Slav
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