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ThIs was a wonderful shopping experience. From communication, to pakaging and product effectiveness. 

Ordered test prop, dianabol and anavar. I injected 100 mgs eod and took 30 mgs of d-bol daily. I have been at this for some time so gains are a little tougher these days. I was pleasantly surprised by the gains I made. About 5 days into my cycle my weight, strength and size started going up. Put on 20 pounds in 8 weeks which is alot since Ive been on gear for a couple years. There was no pip, side effect were minimal (used a little nolvadex which took care of it. This was my wifes first cycle. She used the anavar. What was most impressive was how shredded she got. She also gain alot of strength. Now she will be able to better compete with the girls that are on gear. She has won some trophy narurally but now the other competitors aren trouble. Roidbazarrs gear is the best at a very reasonable price.

They always were very responsive in communication. Helped me with all my questions. I felt like we were all friends. This will be my main place to shop
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