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Steroids R roidbazaar

--Communication & Support:
previous experience with support has been excellent,
always answered and everything is resolved by conversation and patience.
At the last order I did not need support, everything went smoothly, without problem

--Comment on supplier's T/A and packaging:
As always, a little discreet packaging. Carefully wrapped and protected in case of falls to not be damaged.
Less than 2 weeks delivery time

--Products ordered:
Dragon pharma AROMASIN 100TABS (25MG/TAB)
Magnus Pharm IGF-1 LR3 VIAL OF 1MG

--Additional commentary:
I rarely ran to someone selling Magnus stuff and that's why I'm happy to order from RoidBazaar.
And i will continue.
And the best part is its send from EU and I live in EU.
I highly recommend RoidBazaar.

For the first 8 weeks 100mg test propionate eod, (Magnus test from previous order, same Roidbazzar).
After 6 weeks I switched to Ripped (50 mg TREN ACETATE + 50 mg MASTERON PROPIONATE + 50 mg TEST PROPIONATE per ml) every day for 4 weeks.
Aromasine I used every other day by the end of the cycle because I was prone to estrogen and when I switched to ripped I put CABASER (DOSTINEX) 1mg twice a week (due to prolactin)

The test I have tried before and I will continue to use it because I ran into a very good test and there is no need to experiment with other tests.
Of all the aromatization inhibitors Exemestane is the best but it is also the most expensive and there is no need to scrap with the money.
Ripped is the best thing you can do for the end of cutting,
the last part of fatt that is very hard to melt goes with Ripped (trenbolone) easy + it gives you vascularity and hardness and masteron gives you that is the finale touch to the look.

Kabergoline is a potent dopamine receptor agonist. The reason why I use it is what inhibits prolactin.
All nandrolone (Trenbolone and nandrolone) increase the level of prolactin and this is not exactly desirable.
Kabaser is the best solution for elevated prolactin and everyone should use it when we use nandrolone in the cycle.
Another interesting thing, in men after orgasms,
levels of prolactin increases, and this is one of the reasons why we can not continue.
Using cabergoline, I noticed that the gap between the sex ratio was greatly reduced and increase in libido.
All components in the ripped are very androgynous, and when you add cabergoline your girlfriend will be very happy :)
Cabaser works great. i used 1 mg twice a week and works perfectly.
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