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Went through Roidbazaar again and never lets me down. I have gone mainly through Stealth as i live in Australia and stress about other suppliers. But these guys always deliver, nothing like ordering from companies and being let down by multiple seizeures. Cammoflaged amazingly,  if in Aus go through Roidbazaar and ask best way and im sure they will help you like me, next order coming, but stealth labs the way to go down under boys.  And thankyou Roidbaazar for another great order!

A-Tech labs prop was good, normal Test prop, pinned every 3 days, helped me lose water weight from the previous Enanthate course, mild strength gain, sore leg a day after but stock standard. From the Test Prop then tried the Stealth Labs cut mix. Actual insane stuff, power increase, started to shred more, energy etc. What a great mix that includes Tren, Mas and Prop 150mg, only thing i would change is too add morw masteron to the mix for added anti estrogen. But otherwise loved the cut mix and massively recommend it !!! After the cut mix i utilized the Stealth Tren Ace and mixed it 0.5 of the Tren with a ml of the Stealth Labs Masteron i had from previous order. Again was brilliant, bit more work having to dip in two sachets but well worth the results. Many night sweats but my muscle tone is best it has ever been.
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