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Review for five products from Dragon Pharma, buyed on on early november 2018.

I'm working in a german pharmacy and I wanted to try some roids that are not possible to get in a pharmacy in germany. The only AAS in germany is Testosterone - I've used this, from different brands like Bayer, Jena, Eifelfango, and get very good results with it.
On a mostly the same dose of the Dragon Pharma Testosterone from I've got the same results. So I can proof it that it contains at least the concentration of Testosterone as it should, based on the label.

Also I can proof that Letrozol worked, get rid of my little gyn from the Test.
I also used Drost and Bolde in a little perioid of the cycle and can recommend it, I get wonderful results - in my relation.

In conclusion, I can just say that if you try this batch of the Dragon Pharma products from you get this what selled.
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