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I have used Roidbazaar now for 5 orders. I am very impressed with their customer service, shipping times, product effectivness, and site inventory.

Im amazed how fast shipping was since I didn’t use the domestic option. However that’s a super cool feature for anyone wanting the order even faster. Theres not a huge cost difference between domestic and outside USA.

Cutoner service was super and provided guidance and answered any package questions I had.

I use Dragon Pharma Test Cyp 250 one C a week. I take Dragon Pharma cialis 20mg, and take 1/2 tablet a day. I also used Dragon Pharma Superdrol for 4 weeks, as I took 30 mg a day for 4 weeks. I’m a TRT patient and I occasionally blast 750mg test cyp with an oral.
When the superdrol was over after 4 weeks I had a solid 8 pounds that’s I kept, and felt much stronger. I feel super vascular with the superdrol also. Cialis does a great job keeping me pumped far better than any nitric oxide available. This also keeps Blood pressure low.
Roidbazaar always aims to please, and I highly recommend this site.
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