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Hello Guys. 

I had 2 orders with them.
both, arrived 6-8 days in the EU.
my second order:
Dragon Pharma:
- Tren-A 100
-Test -P 100
- Winstrol 10mg
-Anavar 10mg.

I used : 
tren -a 1ml /EOD 
Test-p 1ml /EOD 
Winstrol 50mg /ED
Anavar 50’mg/ED

( + caber 0.5mg /E4D 
+1mg Arimidex / EOD
+ HCG 2*250iu /week) 

After 4 weeks of use, I experienced the following:
I became stronger
More vein
I'm aggressive
more muscular muscles
I lost my body fat. (18% to 12,6%) 

correct, fast, help was always on support.
discreet, simple.

I recommend to everyone.

Best Regards all.

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