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Have made two orders with RB so far.

3x Sustanon 350 Dragon Pharma
10 mg Dianabol Gen Shi Labs
Nolvadex Dragon Pharma


3x Sustanon 250 Dragon Pharma
Aromasin Dragon Pharma
(Domestic US)

I was super skeptical about purchasing my AAS from an online source, not anymore! The customer service I received from RB is probably a hell of a lot better than the customer service offered by most major online retailers (Amazon, Walmart, etc.). Super friendly and very responsive. I am currently halfway through a cycle 500mg Sust /w + 20mg Dianabol ED. Thrilled with the results! Gained 10lbs in five weeks, hard muscle too (very little bloat). Also, zero PIP. From here on out I will be going to RoidBazaar for all of my AAS needs. YOU GUYS ROCK!

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