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(Updated: April 25, 2019)
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 I'm here to provide a review on roidbazaar products. I completed my first cycle with roidbazaar products last April. I used the Gen-Shi labs test-c, arimidex, clomy, and nolvadex. I started out at a weight of 203 and completed the 10 week cycle at 214. Since this was my first cycle I was very nervous about the amount to inject each week. I injected 250mg twice a week for 8 and 300mg twice a week for the last two weeks. During my cycle I didn't not experience any signs of gyno and that's probably because I was advised to take .25 arimidex every other day to avoid gyno. Toward the end of my cycle i read a review on Gen-Shi products and the products had been identified to have some issues, but the great thing about Roidbazzar was he and his team contacted me immediately to give me the information regarding the products. Thankfully I had purchased my items two months before the date the issue with the products had occurred or was identified. 
 Now, I am moving on to my next cycle after some great signs and taken more than 8 months off to recover from test. My next cycle will consist of Test-c, Deca, Dianabol, Winstrol, all of which I have purchased from Roidbazaar. The one thing I really like about roid is great communication. I have inquired about various items in the past without placing an order and this team always replies to my emails and provide me great information or points me in the right direction to gain knowledge and insight. Roid also introduced me to Muscle Gurus where I have gained great advise from Blasthru23, Siegmund, Jarhead 2, Dolf, ICdeadlifters, Calmb4dastorm, Gear2Go, Testrachemist, Supps, Armbreaker 88. These individuals provided great information which has made me feel better with take this ride to continue growing. I ordered my products on 9 Feb and they will arrive in the next couple of days. Quick turn around knowing that my products were shipped from outside the country. 

Roid Bazaar is first class and deserves five stars.

Gen-Shi Test-C was a very effective products. Around 11 days or so I feel the product kick in slowly. I initially felt like I gained more energy and then experienced some strength gains. Upon starting my first cycle I was pressing 100 lbs dumbbells 8 times for two sets of four total sets. At the end I was pressing 115 5 times for two or four sets. The one thing I expected was foe my strength to decrease upon discontinuing the injections, but during my 8 month break I continue to get stronger, and grow positively, as I learned more about dieting for growth. I did not experience any side effects other tan feeling like my adrenaline was constantly going. I am surprised I didn't experience any gyno being that this was my first cycle. The only negative thing I experienced was the issue with Gen-Shi products, but due to Roid contacting me immediately and removing the products, I can't say anything bad toward Roidbazaar service or selection of products they sell. I do not have photos of the labs do to losing lots.of photos when upgrading my phone.
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