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I have been ordering TITAN dht gel for some time and was very pleased with the results, customer service is always amazing, recently I ordered some anavar 50 x 50 , 3 vials of mega-test, 2 packets of t3 , 3 bottles of tri tren, and some hcg and dnp. I found the products to be very very good.

I had my bloods taken at 6 weeks on mega-test 500 running it at 500mg a week, its my 3rd cycle.

Weeks 1-12-mega test 500

weeks 1-7 anavar 100mg ed

weeks 7-13 tri tren 150

Weeks 12 -15 test prop 100

Week 6 my bloods came back at 2630.

I cant complain, everything was easy, nice easy card payment, item was sent to the u.s tracked and signed and on top of that I got given 10 Viagra free.

I will be using the gentropin on my next order so I will let you guys know how it goes. trying to work out how to add a pic?

No pip from the oils so far injecting into my glutes, strength is up on every exercise but in particular my bench is up if I worked it out right 20%. I'm 9lbs up in weight, bit of water , feeling great so far, the anavar is very good and I saw it was 47mg per 50mg capsule on pm.

I have been using rsp for over a year and have a ton of friends who prefer them to domestic as they always give tracking and offer a resend if anything is seized except on gh, which is very good, plus very easy card payment options, not only that but the most ridiculous array of goodies too.
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