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Steroids D diesel

Not a scam, actually one of the best online experiences ive ever had with shopping. 

First of all they are a registered pharmacy.

sorry to hear someone thought they paid, maybe they should email them as they are on pro muscle who do not allow scammers to sponsor, lots of people are very idiotic with payments I know as I run a business and the number of times people tell me they have paid and they haven't, just wanting free goods. THEY are the scammers.


I had titan 12 tested along with titan 50.

Titan 12 had a 14.4% concentration, we bought 2000 units for all saints clinic.

Titan 50 was bought by my colleague for personal use and had a concentration of 52%

By the way dieter jealous b, there is no ethanol at all in the tests. Why don't you test it instead of posting here say lol



The Titan 12 works i did get mild suppression but its coming back now, very good product very discreet. A suggestion to muscle gurus, you should get people who review to show proof of purchase and email correspondence , As why would they scam somone for a few quid when I know guys who have spent hundreds there and never had an issue.

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