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I've been buying from RussianStar for now over a year.. I can tell you all one thing.. These guys are LEGIT..!!! Everything from their GH, DHT and now Test have been off the charts high quality.. These guys are saving me HUNDREDS per year on my T therapy from what I was having to spend through compounding pharmacies of equal if not better quality.. I will be buying from them for the rest of my life.. Great customer service also.. The only issue I have is shipping time.. It takes a bit of time to get it over the Big Pond but they have always come through and never missed a shipment..

One other thing to mention is their ethics.. It's off the chart with great customer loyalty... Thanks again RussianStar.. 


Total gains with lean muscle mass and fat loss. The DHT is one of the highest quality I've used with no sides.. As stated in my review the Test is awesome and is of equal quality or better than pharmaceutical grade that I have used. The GH is decently priced and compared to others I have used blows them away.. All in All RussianStar is one of the best suppliers I have ever had the privilege to buy from..
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