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Steroids D diesel
To the guy who said they didnt resend, they dont put a return address, I have made 9 orders they never put one for obvious reasons. Also if its seized they do resend I had one order seized.
Been using titan dht pro for 19 weeks and gained 2cm in penis length and nearly the same in girth along with stretching etc. 
I had this tested on both bottles .
First result it showed a concentration of 51 % dht
Second time 49.8% dht.
The anavar I bought 50mg pills showed as 53mg.
The growbol im currently using is cutting me up nicely and adding good strength

Probably the nicest company to do business with, im in the states, parcels take an average of 13 days to arrive.
If you read terms and conditions on the site they have no changed and offer re sends if the item is lost worldwide.

Good quality, very good prices. I recommend.
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