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All oils have been clean and smooth, I’ve seen my blood work show test at over 4000ndl/ml running at 600 mg/ew. The equipoise gave me great strength and stamina while adding quality muscle. My joints were killing me so I ordered npp, within two weeks I was back deadlifting over 500lbs pain free! My friend who I ordered Dbol for said it was great, and that’s his favourite compound of 15 years. In between cycles I’ve been cruising on their sust 250 at 1/2 cc e5d and felt amazing! I’d also like to add. On my first order, I was not happy with the seal on a bottle of orals and Tony, the rep I deal with was very happy to send another bottle promptly. Overall, each product I’ve used has met or exceeded my very strict standards.
As long as Tony and Spartan-pharma keep up the great work, I’ll be there as a customer!
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