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I gave them a try. Ordering was a breeze, I had to email support a time or two to help navigate the check out (my fault not theirs. My questions were answered on the site, I had overlooked that section of the site.)

They responded within 2 hours every time. I ordered Decax3, test cyp x2, 90 anavar 50 mg and 120 anavar 10 mg ( for the wife.)


I paid late Thursday and my package arrived Tuesday. Everything was there and the vials look good, no strands, cloudiness etc. 


I must admit I was surprised by the packaging but everything was in perfect shape. I emailed again to let them know I got it and commented on packaging. Was told they haven't had any issues with breakage and if they did they would change it up. 


Between the lab reports posted on their site and the smooth transaction I am very pleased. I look forward to running a cycle after blood work mid-March. I'll report back then but I can assure you the process was fast, easy, legit.


Planning to post pictures of the gear, just want to make sure geo tagging is off. I'm kinda old and not techy so may take me a day to figure out on this new phone. (OnePlusA6013 phone if anyone else has one.) I'll Google it tonight.


Glad to have them on board.

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