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Good job Dexter..... if sources creat fake accounts to make fake reviews they will eventually get caught here!!

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First to say that i am very pleased with the distributer above. I got everything that i ordered, and i had great results with it. I use steroids for a couple of years now, so i can tell the difference between real and fake steroids. This is my third time ordering steroids for me and my friends from this supplier.
This time i got myself Testosterone Enanthate and Dianabol, and for PCT, Nolvadex and Clomid. Excellent products, generally i am very pleased with the effects, as my side effects weren't so severe, and PCT also did a great job.
I even had a 10% discount as an old customer, which is awesome!

I would recommend everyone to try their products!

The effects were great. I gained 8,5 kg's of muscle mass, while losing some of the fat that i had from before starting this cycle. I gained quite a bit strength, i would say about 15-30% range. Generally i felt great, energetic, and had only minor side effects problems, but as i am not a first time user, it all went well. Doses for Testosterone Enanthate were from 100-300 mg a week, and Dianabol 25 mg a day.
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Hello everyone. I hope reading this review will help others with picking a good steroid source. I was told about this source by a friend from my gym, and as i already decided to try out steroids i ordered some from them.

I got myself a combination of Anavar and Clenbuterol, which i used to lower my body fat, as i was preparing for the summer. I was on a bulking program for about 9 months before that, and i weighted around 70 kg, with weight mostly gone in my legs, glutes and waist. I did the cycle for 6 weeks, using 5 mg of Anavar daily and 20 mcg of Clenbuterol. I increased the dosages to 10 mg and 40 mcg after a week. When i started using i experienced a higher heart rate than usual and insomnia, but as i got used to it it stopped.

Generally i felt great when i used both products, had more energy, even some increase in strength, even when i was on low carb diet... Lost 9 kgs in 3 months, and i kept my diet strict after that, resulting in even better form. 

Both Anavar and Clenbuterol gave me good results, especially in combination with a good diet. I used 5-10 mg of Anavar daily and 20-40 mcg of Clenbuterol daily. Lost about 9 kgs of excessive fat, while keeping strength and feeling energetic.Only side effect was a little higher heart rate and insomnia at start, but that was only for about 2-3 days.
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As a customer i am fully satisfied with the products that i have ordered and their effects. I ordered testosterone cypionate and winstrol. I have been taking them for 6 weeks with dosages of 100 mg of testosterone per week and 300 mg of winstrol per week.

I didn't feel any major side effects. The only side effects that I've experienced were a small headache for about 2-3 days and i couldn't fall asleep for the first 2-3 days. That was the most important part for me, as i am a beginner in the steroid community, its my second time now that i use steroids. First time i used winstrol and clenbuterol.

The goal that i wanted was some muscle mass and definition. Needles to say that i got 18 lbs of muscle mass in the process of 3 months. My nutrition and supplementation were excellent.

As for products effects, at first i got insane erections, and felt a gain in my overall strength. All my lifts went for about 20%. I also gained a lot of endurance, and could workout easier and for longer period of time. As i gained weight, my muscles looked more vascular and generally bigger, and the best thing that all my clothes were now looking awesome on me.

I wanted to tone up for the summer while lowering some body fat in which i succeeded. My personal best for the suppliers.

Quality was excellent. Personally i am a novice in steroid community, as this is only my second time using steroids. I had almost no side effects, while gaining 18 lbs of muscle mass. Also i gained some strength along the way which is always a good thing. Dosages were 100 mg of testosterone weekly, and 300 mg of winstrol weekly for 60 days.
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Its my first time writing a review like this, as it was my fist time of using steroids. For the past 2 months i have used Winstrol and Clenbuterol, bough from the site above. I got really good results from them, as i lost around 10 kg's of fat in the process. I am 195 cm, at a current weight of 93 kg's, and about 9% body fat. Before i started i had 103 kg, honestly don't know about body fat at that time.

My personal experience is that i had almost no side effects when i used them. My main concern was that part, as it was my first time with steroids, but it all went smoothly. Only when i started using i had a headache for about 2 days, i had shaky hands for one day. But on the other hand i didn't use high dosages. As winstrol goes i used 50 mg per day, and clenbuterol was 60 mcg's.

My main goal was to drop body fat, while preserving as much muscle as possible. Diet was awesome, also the supplementation. 

The main effects that i had were the fat loss and prevention from muscle loss. I gained more strength, endurance, i could run longer and even faster, basically i felt more energetic and even more confident through it. My muscles looked dryer and felt harder, also i now look more vascular than ever. The best effect that i got besides the awesome fat loss and muscle definition was the strength gain. Usually when i prepare for summer and lower the food intake, especially carbs, i tend to lose power. But this summer was way different. I even improved my squat and pull ups, as some other lifts. For a person who used steroids for the first time, i feel that i succeeded in completing my goals
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