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This review is for his Test 400, aromasin and Jintropin HGH. First of all I gotta say suppsforlife is a stand up guy, he answers all ur questions no BS, this guys beats amazon and ebay in delivery times sometimes I guess if he is my neighbor lol.

- 1cc test 400 M-W-F
- HGH 2iu am 2iu pm everyday
- Aromasin 10mg eod

I been using T400 at 1 cc Mon-Wen-Fri for about 2 months and feeling stronger I will say from week 3 after that strength up every week, another thing i notice there is minimum PIP when pinning. I never try test 400 before but I think the blend of test ena and test cyp make it perfect to maintain your strength and libido always on point. The aromasin has kept my estro in check as labs prove it, am taking 1 cap 10mg eod. Now lets talk about the jintropin, ever since I started using it I notice a better sleep and good well being all day long by first month my fat was melting like never before my friends ask me how young and good I look from now on I wont stop using it cause I have only gotten good thing from it. my labs came back pretty good at 423 IGF1 doing 2iu in the morning and 2iu right before bed don't c why up the dose more. My T4 is low am gonna start taking 100mcg of Pharma T4 ed to up the effect of HGH My advice guys is give it a try to HGH is a game changer.
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