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A good supplier to deal with. Straightforward and quick. Ordered products mainly for cutting and the order arrived in exactly 10 days. My overall experience was good. Quality of products were decent and communication was all right ,in fact communication was faster than i am used to most of the time. I usually got a response within just a few hours although at one instance it took almost 1-2 days (during the weekend).

The quality of the liquids of Hilma biocare is decent; and im impressed with their parabolan in particular. Got a bit of acne on my back, but then again my doses is quite heavy and its a tren side that i get regularly whenever I exceed 300 mg/weekly. it's been four weeks since I've used tren last and i can honestly say that their tren seems to produce just a bit better results than what im used to. I'm content with the results shown from all their products, but their parabolan and winny tabs are the 2 products that stands out for me the most.veins popping out, and i feel strong as f...!
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